Tramp, a poem by Stefano Pastor translated into English by Erika Dagnino and Mark Weber, has been published on the Newyorker magazine First Literary Review-East - November 2017 issue.
Many thanks again to Cindy Hochman and Karen Neuberg

Il Biglietto is an original reflection about public transpot on three books by Erika Dagnino, including contributions by Stefano Pastor
Partisans, a poem by Stefano Pastor translated into English by Erika Dagnino and Mark Weber, has been published on the Newyorker magazine First Literary Review-East - September 2017 issue.
Many thanks to Cindy Hochman and Karen Neuberg
A contribution by Stefano Pastor to the English review Snow by Anthony Barnett and Ian Brinton: four of eight compositions for improvisation inspired by the composer's poems, which are printed with English transliterals in the liner notes to Uncrying Sky, CD Silta SR0702, recorded Milan, 29 January 2007. Stefano Pastor vn, Giancarlo Schiaffini tb, Giorgio Dini bs, Daviano Rotella dm.
Conversations About Thomas Chapin - CD LR 702 - has been "5 STARS" reviewed by All About Jazz (USA) on December 2014 and reviewed with the "OUI!" as one of the best CDs reviwed on November 2014 by Culture Jazz (FR).
Charlotte Hug and Stefano Pastor, Campo Ligure 2012. Photo by Simona
Paragone d'Archi is the title of the new CD by Charlotte Hug and Stefano Pastor, issued on January 2014 for the prestigious English label Leo Records. The project won the CD-production prize of the Popkredit of the city of Zurich.
A violin inspired jewel by Jànos Gàbor Varga, photo by himself
I'm very glad to collaborate with the jewel maker Jànos Gàbor Varga, a very dear friend of mine. We worked together going in depth inside the violin's secrets and he came out inspired and made this marvellous amber and iron jewel , exposed at the Kaliningrad Amber Exibition in Russia. Please take a look at
Borah Bergman, photo by Stefano Pastor, New York City, 2019
A sad news.
On October 18, 2012 my friend Borah Bergman passed away. I wrote two articles for remember him and his music. Thanks to Franco Bergoglio who published it on Magazzino Jazz and to the magazine Musica Jazz.
Here two very big and beautiful articles about Stefano Pastor published between September and October 2012. 
Many thanks to the authors:
Sergio Piccirilli (El Intruso - Argentina)
Chris Searle (The Morning Star - UK) Here come the sun kings - Morning Star
Chet Baker, photo by unknown
Stefano Pastor Plays Chet Baker - MiTo Settembre Musica September 10, 2012
Within the prestigious MiTo Settembre Musica, one of the most important festival in Europe, mostly dedicated to classical music but with few spaces for other genres such as jazz music, a moving performance with Stefano on violin and vocals accompained by Fabio Giachino on piano, Davide Liberti on bass and Ruben Bellavia on drums. The tickets were sold out since 20 days before the gig. A big success indeed. Please see the video at
Napoleon Maddox, photo by Alessandra Freguja
Easy Clan - featuring Napoleon Maddox Sardinian tour - August/September 2012
A very interesting group toured 4 gigs in Sardinia (Italy) within the Nuoro Jazz Festival and Uanciùfree Jazz Festival Preview. An amazing band performing a perfectly balanced mix of free jazz, funky, hip hop and jazz standard - Stefano Pastor violin, electronics; George Haslam bariton sax, tarogato; Steve Waterman trumpet; Roberto Bonati double bass; Carlo Sezzi drums; Napoleon Maddox vocals, electronics
Franco Cerri, photo by unknown
Stefano Pastor at the Torino Jazz Festival with Franco Cerri- April 27, 2012
Stefano Pastor has been invited to play with the Buena Vista Italian Jazz Quintet with some of the greatest masters of Italian Jazz such as Franco Cerri, Renato Sellani, Dino Piana, Luciano Milanese, Gianni Cazzola.
Photo by Luciano Rossetti, Clusone Jazz Festival 2011
Stefano Pastor winner at Top Jazz 2011
Stefano Pastor placed first again as “Best Instrumentalist of the Year” (Miscellanea Category) at Top Jazz 2011, the prestigious Italian critics’ poll by Musica Jazz Magazine. It's the second consecutive time after the second placement on 2009. An unisuued track played and sang by Stefano with the excellent pianist Carlo Morena is inserted in the Top Jazz Compilation CD, distributed with the magazine, January issue. Please listen to the track here: mp3
Video by UJW
Stefano Pastor placed first as “Best Instrumentalist of the Year” (Miscellanea Category) at Top Jazz 2010, the prestigious Italian critics’ poll by Musica Jazz Magazine. He received the prize in Orvieto, Mancinelli Theatre, on January 2, 2011, during the final day of Umbria Jazz Winter. Please watch the video of the performance. A track from Holywell Session - Live in Oxford (SLAMCD 324) is inserted in the Top Jazz Compilation CD, distributed with the magazine, January issue.
Videos by Lubos
Recordings by Lubos from the tour of 5 dates in Czek Republic, involving G. Haslam, Steve Hubback and some excellent musician from Prague (please find their names on the "Live" page in this web site)
Photo by Angela Langella - Campo Ligure, 2010
"A Cuantàs Paradas de Aquì" and "Per Kelli Fini que Ki Contene"are the DVDs by the bass player, visual artist Andrea Rossi Andrea, issued on 2010 and 2011. Inside lots of performances by the duo Andrea Rossi Andrea, Stefano Pastor and the trio with George Haslam. Splasc(h) Records - DVDH 3003.9 and DVDH 3004.9
Photo by Peter Gannushkin - Downtown Music Gallery - NYC (USA) 2009
A tour (8 dates) which involved some of the best musicians among the New Yorker contemporary scene like Dominic Duval, Jason Mears, Josh Sinton, Ken Filiano, Blaise Siwoula, Satoshi Takeishi and brought us to perform in some prestigious clubs. Here a live recording from Downtown Music Gallery; Stefano Pastor on violin with the poets Erika Dagnino and Steve Dalachinsky. Recorded by Steve Buchanan. mp3
   Photo by Peter Gannushkin - Downtown Music Gallery - NYC (USA) 2009
Second placement at "Top Jazz 2009"
Stefano Pastor placed second as best instrumentalist ("Miscellanea" category) at "Top Jazz 2009", the Italian critics' referendum by the "Musica Jazz" magazine; also he was voted first as best string player (including bass and guitar) and twelveth as jazz musician of the year. This represents an important confirmation after the excellent placement at "Top Jazz" 2008 and 2007.
"Best of 2009" by All About Jazz - New York
"Live at Tortona" by Borah Bergman and Stefano Pastor (MUTABLE 17534-2) was voted as one of the "Best New Releases of 2009 - Honorable Mention" by All About Jazz - New York. Stefano Pastor is one of the very few Italian musicians to get this important acknowledgement from the New Yorker Magazine.
"Best of 2009" by the critic Roberto Dell'Ava -
Roberto Dell'Ava selected "Live at Tortona" by Borah Bergman and Stefano Pastor (MUTABLE 17534-2) as one of the 11 + 11 best new releases of 2009. 
Chants - SLAMCD 519 
Reviewed with the highest aknowledgement ("Immenso", "Immense") by Guido Festinese - Il Manifesto - Alias n. 45, November 14, 2009 
   Photo by Peter Gannushkin - Downtown Music Gallery - NYC (USA) 2009
Stefano Pastor on tour in NYC and Connecticut (USA) - Autumn 2009
Stefano Pastor played in NYC from 9/29 to 10/4 at the Downtown Music Gallery (withSatoshi Takeishi and Giacomo Merega); LES Gallery Cafè - Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center (with Jason Mears, Chris Welcome, Reuben Radding, Harris Heisenstadt); The Stone (solo violin) - Artistic Director John Zorn ; Zebulon (a quartet with Brent Arnold); Neighborhood Church of Greenwich Village (with Jason Mears, Kevin Farrell, Mike Pride); Shrine - World Music Venue (with Adam Caine, Ratzo Harris and John Wagner); Marjorie Eliot's - Harlem (with Marjorie Eliot, Pedro G. Libert and others).
Stefano also recorded a duo with the tremendous guitarist Joe Morris and the live performance at the Stone. Both the recording to be issued.
   Video by Helen Petts - London 2009
Forgiving July at the Mopomoso - Vortex - London 2009
Cover of  'The Big Sax CD', photo by Roberta Pietropaolo
Stefano Pastor was appears as special guest on the baritone sax players compilation titled 'The Big Sax CD'. He recorded a duo with George Haslam titled 'Thinking Allowed'. The other sax player involved in the compilation are: Carlo Actis Dato (Italy), Charles Evans (USA), George Haslam (UK), Mikko Innanen (Finland), Sergey Letov (Russia ) and Javier Zalba (Cuba). 18 original tracks of amazingly different artistic approaches to creation on the big sax. SLAMCD 406 - 2009
   Photo by Steve Lowe, Pinewood Studios - London 2009
Freetime Quartet with special guest Stefano Pastor' English tour 2009
Freetime is a Prague based quartet which plays a strong free-fusion with a deep energy and world music nuances. The group toured in England with Stefano Pastor between March and April 2009, playing in London, Oxford, Abingdon (two times in the Abingdon Arts Festival). The quintet also made a recording session for the third channel of the BBC radio (Jazz on Three - April 20 2009) at the prestigious Pinewood Studios - London. George Haslam (England): baritone sax, tarogato; Swetja (Slovakia): electric guitar, pedal steel guitar, harmonic saw, fujara, electronics; Joseph Laska (Slovakia): bass, electric bass; Petr Zimak (Czeck Republic): drums; special guest Stefano Pastor (Italy): violin. Here two mp3 from the BBC Session.    mp3    mp3
New article by Stefano Pastor on Quaderni d'Altri Tempi
"Denver" di Stefano Pastor Quaderni d'Altri Tempi - Speciale n. 21 - Luglio/Agosto 2009
   Photo by Elda Papa, Pavia 2008
Forgiving July Trio tour 2008/2009
Starting at Novara Jazz Festival  Forgiving July toured  in Milano (Italy, two times), Bologna (Italy), Denver (USA, University of Denver), Berlin (Germany, two gigs), Pavia (Italy), Margarita (Italy), Liege (Belguim), Bruxelles (Belgium), Vittorio Veneto (Italy), Roma (Italy), London (UK, at the Vortex - Mopomoso series - Artistic Director John Russel). The Novara concert is now on CD by Amirani records (please see the CDs page). Stefano Pastor: violin; Angelo Contini: trombone; Gianni Mimmo: soprano sax. Here an mp3 from the CD.    mp3
   Photo by Claudio Casanova - AAJ Italia, Forlì 2008
Ground Plane Antenna - Andrea Rossi Andrea and Stefano Pastor at the Area Sismica
Photo Gallery by Claudio Casanova on AAJ Italia
   Video by Luca Morocutti, Prato Carnico 2008
New recording by Adel Salameh and Naziha Azzouz featuring Stefano Pastor
Arabian oud virtuoso Adel Salameh and French-Algerian singer Naziha Azzouz recorded a new releaze on November 2008 at the B&G Studio in Prato Carnico - Italy. Musicians involved were Stefano Pastor on violin, Giovanni Amighetti on keyboards, Guido Ponzini on Bass and Stick bass and Fulvio Maras on percussion. Recording Engeneer Bruno Cimenti.
   Photo by Claudio Casanova - AAJ Italia, Bologna 2008
Forgiving July in Bologna - Photo Gallery by Claudio Casanova on AAJ Italia
   Photo by Paola Galbiati, Aosta 2008
George Haslam - Stefano Pastor Quintet in Aosta
Here a video from the concert we did in Aosta, Espace Populare, on August 4. Musicians involved were George Haslam baritone sax and tarogato, Stefano Pastor violin, Beppe Barbera piano, Giorgio Dini bass, Ferdinando Faraò drums.
   Photo by Stefno Pastor, self-portrait 2004
Top Jazz 2008
Stefano Pastor placed eighth, as best instrumentalist at the Italian critic's referendum "Top Jazz" 2008. This acknowledgement follows the previous year one in which Pastor was placed seventh as best new talent.
New article by Stefano Pastor on SuonoSonda n. 7
   Photo by Simon Murison-Bowie, Oxford 2009
Mr. Eddie Fowler placed Stefano Pastor on the violin page of "Jazzeddie" web site
   Photo by Claudio Casanova - AAJ Italia, Forlì 2008
Baudrillard est Mort
New release by the bass player and visual artist Andrea Rossi Andrea titled "Baudrillard est Mort" Splasc(h) Records (CDH 2519.2). The musicians who play with Andrea in this recording are Stefano Pastor, Luca Bonvini, Tiziano Tononi, Stefano Deagatone. The duo Andrea Rossi Andrea - Stefano Pastor played in Forlì (Area Sismica) on December 20 2008 and in Laveno (Critical Book&wine Festival) on June 27 2009.
   Photo by Diego Petrella, Genova 2008
Claudio Lugo - Andrea Lanza - Stefano Pastor 
An impressive group founded on the amazing playing of Claudio Lugo on soprano saxophone; Andrea Lanza on electric guitar; Stefano Pastor on violin
Genova, Galleria d'Arte Moderna, May 17 2008 mp3
   Photo by Roberta Pietropaolo, Tortona 2007
Borah Bergman - Stefano Pastor Duo's tour 2007 
“…The duo is inedited, both the musicians met together few time before and they rehearsed a little bit. This is usual in jazz. In this case  an interesting thing comes out. It is the wish to meet together, to know the other, to converse together. And it comes out very clearely in this concert because it's a concert in which we can hear the dialogue from the beginning and it's a very dense dialogue, as well we can feel that it's a true dialogue: both the musicians listen to the other, follow and replay to the other. This is because this is a very interesting concert …”
Pino Saulo – RAI Radiotre Suite – November 12 2007
In July 2007 I played and recorded in Italy, in duo with Borah Bergman. It was great to me to play with one of the most important pianist of the avangard in the world. He perfomed with a lot of superbous musicians and recorded in duo with Thomas Chapin, Roscoe Mitchell, Oliver Lake, Hamid Drake, Evan Parker, Andrew Cyrille. 
The Tortona's concert was played by RAI - Radiotresuite on Monday, November 12 2007 mp3
Here another  from that performance: Chasin' the Trane (Coltrane) mp3
The duo played live in Tortona (AL), piazza Arzano, at the festival "Jazz Fuori Tema" directed by Alberto Bazzurro, on Sunday, July 1 2007 at 21.15
 In Diano Marina (IM) on Friday, July 6 2007 at 21.00
In San Teodoro (OT), piazza Sardegna, at the festival "Uanciù...Free Jazz", directed by Carlo Sezzi, on Sunday, July 8 2007 at 20.30
In Porto San Paolo (OT), Caffè Letterario "Oltre il Mare" - special guest Carlo Sezzi on drums - on Monday, July 9 2007 at 21.30