Stefano Pastor Plays Chet Baker - MiTo Settembre Musica September 10, 2012
Within the prestigious MiTo Settembre Musica, one of the most important festival in Europe, mostly dedicated to classical music but with few spaces for other genres such as jazz music, a moving performance with Stefano on violin and vocals accompained by Fabio Giachino on piano, Davide Liberti on bass and Ruben Bellavia on drums. The tickets were sold out since 20 days before the gig. A big success indeed. Please see some videos at:
Athanor at Pitigliano Festival Internazionale di Letteratura Resistente - September 12, 2015
Steve Hubback percussion, Stefano Pastor violin, Antonio Bertoni double bass
Live at Jazz Time Club - Prague, October 2011
With G. Haslam, J. Laska, S. Hubback, C. Oswald, V. Havel
Live at Bar Europa, Campo Ligure - August 8, 2010
George Haslam baritone saxophone, Stefano Pastor violin, Andrea Rossi Andrea bass
Extract from per kelli fini que ki contene - Andrea Rossi Andrea Ground Plane Antenna
Splasc(h) Records 2011 - DVDH 3004.9
Stefano Pastor and Andrea Rossi Andrea at Area Sismica, Forlě
December 20, 2008
Extract from żA CUÁNTAS PARADAS DE AQUÍ? - Andrea Rossi Andrea Ground Plane Antenna
Splasc(h) Records 2011 - DVDH 3003.9

Pod Trojkým koněm, Vodácká ul., Praha-Troja (CZ)

Pod Trojkým koněm, Vodácká ul., Praha-Troja (CZ)





Adel Salameh, Naziha Azuoz, Stefano Pastor, Giovanni Amighetti, Guido Ponzini, Fulvio Maras

G&B Studio - Prato Carnico (UD) - November 2008 


Forgiving July at Sound Metak - Milano 

Stefano Pastor violin, Angelo Contini trombone, Gianni Mimmo soprano sax 



Live in Aosta

George Haslam, Stefano Pastor, Beppe Barbera, Giorgio Dini, Ferdinando Faraň

August 4, 2008 - Espace Populaire