Stefano Pastor Solo Project
Stefano Pastor violin, vocals, electronics
Blues and jazz roots, avant-gard, songs, poetry mixed up by an unbelievable violin which can become a wind instrument, a guitar, a berimbao, a drum. A dream.
A live project born at the John Zorn’ club The Stone-NYC and successfully passed through the Clusone Jazz Festival.
Charlotte Hug, Stefano Pastor Paragone d'Archi
Stefano Pastor violin, Charlotte Hug viola, voice
"Lines which are straight or curved, soft or spiky, are drawn by the instruments and occupy space by expanding or suffocating – not in a negative way – the music itself intended as a spatial manifestation. In construction, of construction, construction of music: indicating the specific meaning of the term but also, in a reflexive way, music building itself. It is space and builds space. It is space and becomes part of space. Poetic, musical, sound space. Within and throughout a spectrum of geographies and geometries from which emerge twilights and shadows, cracks and oscillations, incisions and decisions."
Erika Dagnino - Liner notes for Paragone d'Archi - January 2014
04. Volta (3.26) 11. Polilobato (2.32) 13. Acuto (3.05)
15. A mensola (1.36) 16. Armilla (3.02) 17. Paragone d’archi (4.00)
Chet Moods
Stefano Pastor violin, vocals
Carlo Morena piano
"One of the most beautiful vocals I've heard in any CD I've reviewed in the last couple of years" (Dick Metcalf, Zzaj Productions - USA).
The jazz standard repertoire played in an intimate way by a strict and essential duo. The nuances of Chet Baker’s art by a violin able to become a wind instrument (winner at  Top Jazz 2011 and 2010), a moving voice and a deep, round piano.
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Easy Clan
Stefano Pastor violin, vocals
George Haslam reeds
Steve Kershaw bass
Carlo Sezzi drums
An English-Italian free-jazz-rock quartet absolutely powerful and fresh. Steve and Stefano also use electronics making the group's sound very rich.
Also available the quintet  with special guest Steve Waterman on trumpet
Here a demo by the quartet (Paul Hession is here playng on dums instead of Carlo)
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The Stefano Pastor Jazz-Poetry Connection
Stefano Pastor  (I) violin, vocals
Erika Dagnino (I) poems reading
Steve Waterman (UK) trumpet
George Haslam (UK) reeds
Ken Filiano (USA) bass
An original project created for Clusone Jazz Festival 2011. The imaginative and rhytmycal poems by the poet and performer Dagnino, and the music by some of the best improvisers in the world. A group which collects lots of English and American performace experiences by Pastor and Dagnino with several musicians.
Here a couple of mp3 from Clusone; a two double basses version with Silvia Bolognesi as special guest.
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Duo Stefano Pastor, Furio Di Castri
Stefano Pastor violin, vocals
Furio Di Castri double bass
A duo of virtuosos born at Moncalieri Jazz Festival playing all styles of jazz from standard to original compositions like this "Happy Beat" by Furio, recorded at Moncalieri on November 13, 2011
Duo Borah Bergman, Stefano Pastor
Borah Bergman piano
Stefano Pastor violin
Created at "Jazz Fuori Tema" in Tortona this duo consisting of Stefano and the incredible master from NYC, toured in Italy on summer 2007.
The two friends met together in NYC and now are ready for a new experience.
Here a demo from the Tortona concert, a recording which became a CD on 2009 issued by Mutable Music in NYC.
Duo Stefano Pastor, Kash Killion
Stefano Pastor violin
Kash Killion cello, sarangi
Killion is a very talented cello player based in California (USA) who played with the Sun Ra Orchestra, Cecil Taylor etc.
He also plays a lot of indian instruments like the sarangi.
The duo made a CD issued by Slam (UK) on 2010.
Here a classic standard by Thelonious Monk